Friday, September 28, 2007

The fam!!

Scar non?

Aight, thought it was time to officially announce this. Most of y'all will know that our immediate fam consists of myself, MC/Journalist/Entrepreneur Cee-For, singer/songwriter/musician Bekah, and MC/business man Notion (my lil brother).

So for some Notion news, dude's been doing his thing since his mixtape 'It's My Turn', which dropped last year to great reviews. He's been putting in work, writing like a mad man, recording, performing all over Melbourne, working with some amazing producers and MC's, as well as having #1 and #2 tracks consecutively on the Planet Urban charts for 4 weeks straight! So there's a fair bit of buzz happening right now. Now that's he's just acquired his own lab, his latest mixtape 'World Domi-Notion' is in full swing, and so far it's sounding amazing. Notion is truly on that next shit, one of the tightest all round MC's in Australia, hands down. We'll be keeping y'all up to date with all Notion's happenings, but in the meantime, hit him up at

We've now also officially got a new member of the fam - some of y'all might know dude from his feature on the 'Soul District' project a few years back. This dude is one of the sickest and most original lyricists I've heard come out of this country, period. He's a lawyer-in-training, a talented journalist, a very intelligent guy and one of my close friends. This mufucka needs no introduction, but fuck's ya boy Tommy Gunnz!!!!

Tommy has been spitting for a minute now, but never really followed it up. Until now, that is. I'll be Co-Executive Producing his debut mixtape, 'Garden State Warrior', which we're aiming to drop sometime in 2008. We've recorded a bunch of tracks for the mixtape, as well as fresh features for 'The Soul Movement Vol. 2' and 'World Domi-Notion', and Gunnz is really coming with it. I have such a good feeling about this cat, and he's a great addition to the fam.

So now that the crew has been growing, it's time for us to come up with an official name! We're working on that right now, and will announce it as soon as it's good to go. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of myself, Bekah, Notion and Tommy, as our movement is really starting to get some momentum and the support from the people and the industry has been ridic.

So stay tuned, check out Tommy at his MySpace,, keep an eye on for news on the mixtape download, and hit us up!!



It's nearly here...

What up??

It's been a week or so since we got our post on, thought it was about time for an update. Peace to everyone who's rolled through and checked out the page, it's all really starting to come together.

So, first things first. 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' was completed like a month ago, all ready for promo copies for the Sydney Urban Music Awards, where we headed in August to get some promo crackin', as well as support the fam Justice & Kaos, who ended up taking out the Best New Talent award. Anyway, all those copies went pretty quick, but hindsight is always 20/20, so we decided to touch up the audio a lil bit. Plus there was some errors on the promo covers, making it a collector's item, baby! So, if all goes well, the final touches should be applied this weekend, and we've now decided to put the mixtape up for FREE download immediately, rather than waiting til we've got them pressed up properly. This should all be happening next week sometime, but we'll keep y'all posted via the MySpace and

We also just got this dope lil Flash banner made up from Blaze Designs, and we'll be posting the code for that so y'all can throw it up on your MySpace and help us get the word out!! That should be ready with the mixtape.

We'll also have the hard copies for sale, probably only get 500-1000 copies pressed, so it's first in, first served with this shit! The response so far has been amazing, we can't wait to really get it out there. Plus, we been doing a bunch of shows around Melbourne, and we about to get the official launch crackin' as well. So stay tuned for that info.

In other news, we're working hard on 'The Soul Movement Vol. 2', about 10 + tracks deep into that right now, and it's sounding fresh. Some of the joints on Vol. 1 are a lil bit older (I even wrote a couple of those tracks while we were living in Canada in 2004!) so Vol. 2 will be more reflective of where we're at right now. We're aiming for the first quarter of 2008 for that, shortly followed by the as-yet-untitled EP, which is a couple tracks deep. We got a bunch of great collabs for both the mixtape and EP, we won't name names just yet but we've locked in some decent names and already produced some tracks that are straight heatrocks.

So thanks for all the support, keep an eye on these pages for more news, and we'll be making some big noise once the mixtape is ready for download and pressed up. Feel free to comment us here and on MySpace, we always love to know what the people are thinking!

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

And here it is...

The Soul Movement Vol. 1 it's about time we finally launched the cover for our debut mixtape, 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1'.

Here it is! Shouts to the kid Steve Duck @ W72 for the phat design.

The mixtape done been finished, just waiting on getting the final pressing, which should be in the next few weeks. Until then, check out some of the mixed tracks from the mixtape on the page, and we'll keep y'all posted on the launch date and launch party. Holla with your thoughts...

Cee & Bekah.

Ya peoples live at Shamiana...

Cee & Bekah with Notion LIVE @ Shamiana

Speaking of gigs...they just keep on coming!

Melbourne heads, we'll be rockin' a short club set at DJ C's Sexy Fridays @ Shamiana, 420 Lonsdale St next Friday 28th September.

Of course, ya boy Notion will be in the building, but this should be a good show, we've heard this place has been going off on Friday's so we're keen to rock it! Check out for more info on the gig...holla at us for guestlist!

Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ Red Square in Adelaide!

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ Red Square in Adelaide!

So, we told y'all we'd be doing more gigs right? Thought we'd announce this one nice and early.

The peeps at GrooveOn are holding their usual bangin' parties, and we'll be rockin' a short club set at the next GrooveOn party at Red Square in Adelaide on the 17th November! We're also bringing ya boy Notion down to show some love.

Adelaide fam, come through and support, this is our first time to ADL and SA, so we're keen to vibe with the people out there, we've heard a lot of good things! Stay tuned for more info as the gig gets closer...

Cee & Bekah.

Thank y'all!

Thanks to all who came down to the Planet Urban LIVE gig at Eagle Bar last night!

The crowd was wild, the PU crew were awesome, Phinesse killed it...great night!

Once again, thanks to Desh and the PU crew for putting us on and supporting the fam. Look out for more performances with Planet Urban...

Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ Planet Urban LIVE

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ PU LIVE!!

Aight, so we mentioned a little something about's the first one!

Cee & Bekah, along with Notion and Phinesse, will be rockin' Planet Urban LIVE @ Eagle Bar, LaTrobe University, Bundoora on Thursday 13th September!

If y'all wanna come thru, hit us up either on the MySpace or at for guest list. This should be a great night, with DJ's Crusador and Desh, and I heard the last one went crazy...stay tuned for more show announcements!

Cee & Bekah.

The logo...

Cee & Bekah logo

Scar non fam? Y'all might have seen this nice lil logo around already, but I thought it was time we finally launched it!

Ya boy Steve Duck @ W72 laced us with this lil puppy, and he also hit us up with the mixtape artwork, which we'll launch very shortly.

Hit us up with your thoughts, peeps. And stay tuned for info on upcoming gigs around the country!

Cee & Bekah.

Page done been pimped!

Ah yeah...shouts to the kid Jesse @ Blaze Designs for lacing the page. We in business!!

Between this page and our MySpace, we'll be keeping y'all up to date with all the latest Cee & Bekah news, happenings, releases, shows, downloads, keep checkin' in!

Cee & Bekah.