Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Movement fam update Jan 2008

What’s good family?

Welcome to the first update from The Movement for 2008!

A lot of things have been poppin’ off, so it was about time we gave y’all the info!

Cee & Bekah
So, we’ve been mad busy promoting The Soul Movement Vol. 1. We’ve received an amazing response thus far, thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy or downloaded it. For those who haven’t copped it yet, hit us up at or message us at the MySpace ( and we can get one out to you.

We’re about to go on a massive download push, and here are the three places you can cop it from:

1 - jump on our MySpace, go down the left side of the page, sign up to the mailing list and you’ll receive an email with the download link.
2 – hit up GroundUp and download that baby!
3 – go scream at the Planet Urban fam for your copy!

Work on The Soul Movement Vol. 2 is going very well, we’ve now recorded about 20+ songs for it, with many more to come before deciding on the final tracklisting. It’s looking like a much more mature sound than Volume 1, with a bit of a political slant and a variety of guests from all over the world, and original production from Whisper, Styalz Fuego, Revelino and more. For an exclusive listen to one of the hottest tracks from the new mixtape thus far, “Feel Your Touch”, check out the Facebook music page at The EP is now about 3 tracks deep, with about 4 or 5 beats locked in. We’ll keep y’all posted on that.

We’ve pretty much locked in our official Melbourne launch for The Soul Movement Vol. 1, but we’ll keep y’all posted for when it’s confirmed. And our good friend R&B Girl recently interviewed us for a feature article on, which you’ll be seeing in the next week or so. Thanks Vicki!!

You can also check us out at:
Triple J Unearthed:
Facebook Group:
Facebook Music Page:
Global Band Guide:

The Movement Fam
Notion – Notion has been steady working on his new mixtape, World Domi-Notion and it’s sounding phat! We did some recording for it recently and the collabo’s are dopeness. He’s got some great features, great beats and more mature material. Before dropping World Domi-Notion, he’ll be releasing an internet-only mixtape entitled On The Corner Of Notion & 9th, a compilation of all of Notion’s tracks over 9th Wonder beats. This will be a teaser for the mixtape…and Notion has just headed off to Thailand for a bit of a break, so if he arrives back without a venereal disease, he’ll be back in action very soon…

Tommy Gunnz – Big Gunnz has been hard in the lab working on his debut mixtape Garden State Warrior, and is a few songs deep. So far, it’s sounding dope, he’s still finding his sound but the signs are great. Gunnz has also been rockin’ various shows around Melbourne (and the occasional regional joint) with Angus Younga and Ascertain, keepin’ his name in the scene.

Okwerdz – Cali’s MC Okwerdz has recently topped more than 25,000 downloads of his free EP The Rush Hour EP, which features Bekah and DJ JS1 (Rahzel’s DJ) on the first track, First Strike. An amazing achievement, props for the hustle homeboy! To see what all the fuss is about, check out

DJ Krisp – Our homie, Adelaide’s DJ Krisp has released a dope live DJ mix, featuring J Castell on mic duties. It’s your guaranteed summer banger! Get it free @

360 – Melbourne heads would have noticed frontpage coverage of ‘Hip Hop group 360’ on the MX newspaper for Six Dog’s Mamma Mia video, which caused a fair bit of controversy during the Oz Open. Props to 360 and Soulmate Records for making some waves! Check out the video at

Aight y’all, thanks for baring with me here. The support has been amazing, much love to you all. Keep checking all our pages (lol!), we’ll be hitting y’all with more updates soon.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.