Wednesday, November 19, 2008 is in effect!

Yes, yes, yes. is here!!!

This is the blog that will handle all the Fam biz, as well as just some cool ass shit that we stumble upon in our travels. and will now become personal blogs for Cee & Bekah and Notion respectively, so keep checking by!!!

New layouts for both blogs coming soon...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Cee & Bekah bio!

What's good peoples?

Aight, so it's about time I got off my ass to update the damn Cee & Bekah bio.

Nuff said. Here 'tis.

There is no precedent to this. Soul. Hip Hop. Rhythm and Blues. One vocalist. One MC. Welcome to Cee & Bekah.

After their debut mixtape, The Soul Movement Volume 1, smashed the scene in 2007, Cee & Bekah have barely stopped to breathe. And it could never be said that these captivating artists don’t move with the times; their grasp of the internet and digital marketing has assisted them in spreading the word about their music in ways which most artists don’t invest the time to create. Capitalising on a strong online buzz from their MySpace page and downloads of the mixtape, the duo never paused on making music, banging out close to 50 songs to select from for their latest release, The Soul Movement Volume 2. With a gang of shows under their belt in 2007 and 2008, the musical and life partners have been concurrently working on their debut EP, The Precedent, and the as yet untitled album. Their buzz and constant networking has attracted solid production from some well-known beatsmiths, and features from a gang of artists on all corners of the globe.

Alongside the newly formed The Movement Fam crew (Cee & Bekah, Notion, Tommy Gunnz and DJ Grain), Cee & Bekah have concreted their strong identity and etched their mark in the minds of the people with their unique blend of Hip Hop and Soul. Volume 2 is more mature, political and romantic than its predecessor, and it signifies the musical direction in which they will continue. Even Australia’s only platinum DJ, DJ Nino Brown, stepped in to blend The Soul Movement Volume 2 as he could see the power of the Movement.

Cee & Bekah have a worldwide mentality; working with artists from all around the planet, from Greece to Colombia, Brazil to the UK, Canada to the USA, New Zealand to Germany, both for Volume 2, and the forthcoming projects Volume 3, EP and album. The duo, along with Notion, recently took themselves on a self-funded networking and radio tour of the USA, Canada and New Zealand to promote The Soul Movement Volume 2 and Notion’s World Domi-NoTiOn mixtapes, appearing on seven radio shows in three countries, while recording, collaborating and building with artists, producers, DJ’s, promoters, business-folk, labels and the locals.

And while Australia will always be home, it seems the rest of the world is catching on – quickly. Kanye West’s first cousin, Tony Williams, even personally invited them to create a remix of his debut single ‘Dreaming Of Your Love’, a major sign that big things are on the way. Some major blogs have shown unprecedented support for The Movement Fam, with Kevin Nottingham’s blog even arranging a full remix competition for The Soul Movement Volume 2 and World Domi-NoTiOn, with the sheer number of submissions blowing these artists away. Even though Cee & Bekah’s brand of ‘Soul Hop’, their very own niche genre, is still in its infancy, folks from all corners of the globe want in. It’s official. The Movement is here.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

US Invasion Trip Flickage

Happy Hump day, folks...although I only went back to work today, tomorrow would technically be my 'hump' day but whatever.

So I was checking over the blog and noticed a shitload of text. I clearly neglected to include visuals with the many posts over the duration of the trip, so I pulled out some of the more interesting flicks from the trip for y'all to peep. Get your eyeball on.

Cee and Bekah stamp the Space Needle


The Movement Fam @ Space Needle, Seattle


With DJ Hyphen and J. Moore @ Sunday Night Sound Sessions on KUBE 93 FM, Seattle, Washington


The Understudies Crew and The Movement Fam, Oakland, California


Cee & Bekah in the ATL


The Movement Fam with DJ Grain and Jermiside, Atlanta, Georgia


The Movement Fam with DJ Grain and Tim Williams, Atlanta, Georgia


Cee & Bekah on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC


The Movement Fam with Eternia @ Libation, New York


Cee & Notion with DJ Tony Touch, NYC


The Movement Fam and J. Master in Harlem, NYC


Cee & Bekah at Niagara Falls, Canada


With Great Scott and DJ O-Nonymous @ Sound Junction, 105.5 FM CHRY, Toronto, Canada


With KrisblaiR aka Professor Digital, Toronto, Canada


Theo 3, DJ Serious and The Movement Fam @ Styalistik Endeavours, 89.1 CIUT FM, Toronto, Canada


With Tunji from Inverse in Venice Beach, LA


Cee & Bekah at the Skytower, Auckland, New Zealand


With DJ Penfold on 95bFM, Auckland, NZ


There ya go! Hope that helps brighten up the blog...


Cee & Bekah.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'The Soul Movement Vol. 2' and 'World Domi-NoTiOn' available NOW - Internationally!

What up folks?

I neglected to mention this in the previous posts, but we now have mixtapes available in selected cities in both Canada and the USA! The prices range from like $5 to $10, depending on the store, but check the list below for your nearest spot:

Soul of Sisa - 504 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia

B-Side Records - 2128 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California

Da Corner - 256A Queen St W, Toronto (in the Black Market complex)

So if you're in any of these cities and wanna get your hands on a rare hard copy of the new projects (we only pressed a small amount for the international trip), roll through and cop 'em now!

For the folks Down Under (and everywhere else), we'll be pressing up a gang of copies of both mixtapes asap so we'll keep y'all posted.

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Weeks 4-5 UPDATE! We home!

Yes's update time again. Weekly updates were damn near impossible as we were moving around, so fortnightly it is.

Aight so after the last update, we left y'all in Toronto. Things went real well in the T-Dot, with another radio spot, studio sessions with Miss Jessica Kaya (what up, Jessie?) and a lot of sightseeing (Niagara Falls, CN Tower, etc). The photo shoot unfortunately didn't come through due to time constraints, but now that we have the contacts, we'll most def hit it up next time.

The last night in TO was amazing. My man Craig and Ally decided to get all stupid and cop some wigs and ridiculous outfits for our last night on the town, so all of us were looking amazingingly stupid and had a wicked night. Shout outs to the dancing man at Mod Club. You're a genius, bro.

So our last stop in North America was LA. Last time Bekah and I hit the town up, we didn't really enjoy ourselves. This time was a different story. We hired ourselves a lil Chevy Impala to take us around town, and being such a huge place, we would have been fucked without it. We had some meetings with Wayne Fernandez, the man who ran the WKD radio spot in Melbourne that I grew up listening to, so to dine with Wayne and his mate Rod was a blessing, thanks guys! We also linked with my man Tunji from Inverse, who hooked us up plenty at the Interscope promo room, and cooked a mean BBQ out at his girl's crib in Venice. Shouts to the Sour Diesel, which left us fully operational the next day lol.

It was hella sad leaving North America, but New Zealand was calling. After a long ass flight, we soldiered on and stayed up all day for our radio spot that night with DJ Penfold, which went really well. We also linked with my man Kebrasca from Mai FM, which should be a great relationship for both of us. We got some time to take in the sights of Auckland, it's a beautiful city, and we wish we could have been able to stay a bit longer. Much love to Mat and Debz for taking us everywhere, and shouts to Lish, Bronson, Cilla and Donna!

So a couple days back we arrived back home in Melbourne to 30 degree weather! Fuckin' booooooom!! Of course, that didn't last but we're happy to be home and have a shitload of work to do.

Just a reminder, producers, keep submitting remixes for our competition on, there's still just under 2 months left to go. We'll have a couple projects good to go in the next few months, as well a Movement Fam blog on a well known Hip Hop site, which we'll be releasing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

The Movement Fam and Notion blog pages are almost good to go, so we'll be launching those very shortly, and the Cee & Bekah blog will become more specific to us and more personal, as with Notion's blog, while the Movement Fam blog (ran by DJ Grain) will contain all the news and goings on for the crew.

Much love to everyone, and keep checking our YouTube channel for the video blogs from the trip, coming soon!!

Cee & Bekah.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Movement Fam on The G.O.D.cast (Oakland, CA)!

What up, fam?

I'm writing to you at like 4am from Toronto, hella tired but it's time to handle business, regardless of what the clock says.

Just wanted to let y'all know that the G.O.D.cast edition that we featured on with our good mates Citizen and Cobb (and the greater Understudies crew) out in Oakland, California is finally online and good to go!

You can download The G.O.D.cast Vol. 2 right now for free (just click on the words, man!).

Huge shouts to Citizen and Fly Cobb for having us on the show and being most gracious hosts out in Oaktown. Of course, shouts to Vlad for his hospitality and my mans Jeremy for the recording time.

Please check this out and support real music, real people, real shit.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Weeks 2-3 UPDATE!

Yes yes yes yes! What the funk is crackalackin'??

My apologies for the late update from the past couple weeks, we've had intermittent net access, and to be honest, we've just been too busy and having too good of a time. But I'm actually sitting in the room in Toronto on a Saturday night, a cold ass Saturday mind you, with the Nuit Blanche festival going on outside and instead of joining the festivities, I'm blogging. That either makes me an extremely dedicated young man or a right goose.

Anyway, since we were in ATL, a lotta thangs have been happening. Atlanta was amazing, we had such a great time, and straight after the laid back south was the hectic New York city. Aside from the turbulence on the small ass plane, everything with beautiful touching down at JFK. We had been graced with amazing weather the whole time but all that came to an abrupt halt when the east coast turned the waterworks on for us the entire time. Word to rain.

So the first night in NYC was straight to the hostel, then off to Libation for the last night in a series of club evening ran by Danny Castro of Lyricist Lounge fame. Our very good friend Eternia (what up Silky?? Click on her name to check out her site) hooked us up VIP to see DJ Tony Touch do his thang, and other cats such as Ju Ju from the Beatnuts and Sway were in the building. Aside from the tourist attractions, we had a couple important meetings with some label and radio folks out there which will hopefully grow into a very mutually beneficial relationships. Loved it, and would love to live there...even after my ATL rant.

Next up was T-DOT!!! Our second home. It's beautiful to be back here, seriously. No other city thus far has excited me to be in as much as Toronto. We missed this place so damn much, I truly think this is where we need to be. The love that has been extended here (mostly through Eternia's wonderful friends) is mindblowing. We've already done two major radio spots, dished out mixtapes to influential folks, had a couple great meetings, caught up with friends, done semi nudie runs down Queen St at 2am...still got photo shoots and studio sessions to come. Massive shouts to Great Scott and DJ O-Nonymos from Sound Junction, Theo 3 and DJ Serious from Styalistik Endeavours, Big Jacks, Dave, DJ Grouch and please do yourselves a favour and check out Big It Up, a Canadian owned hat company which has the most amazing headgear I have ever seen. Dameion (CEO/President) is one of the most sincere and spiritual people we have had the pleasure of meeting, and The Movement Fam will be continuing strong supporters of Big It Up.

Also, check out Notion's article on WYDU blog, massive shouts to Trav. Producers, keep it moving on the remix competition on, we've had a fair few submissions thus far and it's all sounding pretty damn dope. Exciting shit.

That's about it for now. We'll be in Los Angeles by the end of the week, then off to Auckland, New Zealand before returning to MEL.

Scream at ya peoples, thanks again for all your support, we got a lot in store for 2008/2009 so it can't stop, won't stop, fuck stopping.

Cee & Bekah.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Week 1 UPDATE! Oh and NEW MIXTAPES OUT NOW!

What is good my people?

Well, we've been in the US for around a week now and I gotta say, we're freakin' loving it. So far, we've managed to hit up San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle and Atlanta, and the folks here have been nothing less than hospitable, welcoming and hilarious.

It's been about 4 years since Bekah and I have been in the US and it's not a hell of a lot different to what I remember it to be. The liquor stores are fun as hell, everything's big, not everyone is as ignorant as you would expect and they are most definitely spoiled for choice. After being here only a week, it feels like months. I think that's a good thing. Either way, I have a strong feeling that we may need to relocate to this fine country to really make our music happen. It's just a matter of which city...

I know a lot of y'all have hit us up and tuned into our radio appearances thus far, we appreciate that. We've had so much support from so many people, I really wanna shout out my man DJ Hyphen in Seattle (keep working on them handstand push ups!), my peoples The Understudies Crew out in Oakland/Bay Area (Foss, Cobb, Jeremy, all the crew, and of course Vlad!!), my man Jermiside in ATL (watch out for them raccoons!) and my muthafuckin' homeboy and Movement Fam representative DJ Grain out here in Atlanta, where I'm writing this from. Also, huge shouts to Kevin Nottingham from and Travis Glave from, both cats have shown unwavering support of our music and I can't thank them enough.

Aight, here's a bunch of links from the last week or so since both The Soul Movement Volume 2 and World Domi-NoTiOn have been released:

Cee, Bekah and Notion's appearance on DJ Hyphen and J. Moore's Sunday Sound Sessions in Seattle

Cee & Bekah's download on The Audacity of Dope blog

Notion's download on The Audacity of Dope blog

The Movement Fam article on Kevin

World Domi-NoTiOn download link on Kevin

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download link on Kevin Nottingham

Cee & Bekah article and download on Wake Your Daughter Up! blog

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download -

World Domi-NoTiOn download -

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download -

World Domi-NoTiOn download -

Also, in conjunction with, we're running a remix competition for ALL producers out there! Check out the link below, download the mixtapes and acapellas, and submit your remixes - the best of which will go on an official combined mixtape release, getting you MAJOR exposure around the world, plus we definitely hope to network and link with many of the folks who submit remixes. We're really excited about this, so let's get it going!

The Movement Fam Remix competition

Thanks again for everyone's support, much love, blessings, all of that good stuff. Hit us up with comments, thoughts, porn, anything.

We'll keep y'all updated on the happs here, plus we'll have video blogs from the trip up real soon on our Movement Fam YouTube Channel.

Stay real.

Cee & Bekah.

Friday, September 12, 2008

International Assault starts tomorrow...

Ahhhh's here. And it's on.

Three quarters of The Movement Fam (Cee, Bekah and Notion) are off to the good old US of A, Canada and New Zealand this weekend to begin their mini-tour/networking trip/shopping expedition/radio tour/catch up sessions/piss up of North America and NZ. Oh yes. It's been 4 stressful months of preparing, pulling our hair out over mixtapes, spending of too much scrilla and hernia's, but it was all worth it.

We'll be keeping y'all regularly updated here on of our movements (pardon the pun), the happenings, the highs, the lows, etc. We also aim to do video blogs on Hopefully we aren't too caught up in the cheap beer to do so.

Aight, so here's all the info for the radio spots we have locked in thus far. We'll update if there's any changes or additions:

Saturday 13th September

The G.O.D. Hour, Liberation Radio 104.1FM, Oaklank/Berkeley with Citizen
Time: 4pm-8pm Saturdays WST (9am-1pm Sunday 14th Sept Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes, at or the GODCast at
Station has gone bankrupt; will now be the GODCast on

Sunday 14th September

Show/Station: Sunday Night Sound Session, KUBE FM 93.9 with DJ Hyphen
Time: 10.45pm – 12.15am Sundays WST (3.45pm – 5.15pm Monday 15th Sept Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes,
Details: Major radio station in Seattle (equivalent of Nova FM).

Saturday 20th September

Show/Station: The Edutainment Hip Hop Show, 90.3 The Rock WUTK FM, Knoxville, Tennessee, with BT and Drop Knowledge
Time: 9pm – 12 midnight Saturdays EST (11am-1pm Sunday 21st Sept Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes,
Details: Phone interview, most likely.

Thursday 2nd October

Show/Station: Sound Junction w/Great Scott, CHRY 105.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario
12 midnight to 2am Thursday night/Friday morning (2pm-4pm Friday 3rd Oct Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes,

Monday 6th October

Show/Station: Backroad Radio w/Big Jacks, CHRY 105.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario
Time: 6pm-8pm Mondays (8am – 10am Tuesday 7th Oct Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes,

Thursday 16th October
Show/Station: True School Hip Hop show on 95bFM, Auckland, NZ
Time: 9pm-11pm Thursdays (7pm-9pm Thursday 16th Oct Melbourne time)
Stream: Yes,

So check us out if you can! They should be a lot of fun.

Aight, now for some promo. My man Kevin Nottingham out at has gone and smashed his site with Movement Fam updates this week. He hit the people with a leak of two tracks from each mixtape, as well as a full article on the fam.

Cee & Bekah leak

Notion leak

The Movement Fam article

Look out as on Monday 15th September 2008, both 'The Soul Movement Volume 2' and 'World Domi-NoTiOn' will be released online officially, via the following sites:

Kevin Nottingham
GroundUp Hip Hop
Planet Urban

So make sure you cop that! We also will have hard copies for sale once we get back from the trip (in late October/early November), and we now have Cee & Bekah tshirts for sale! $25 each, we have a bunch of colours - tees for guys, singlets for the ladies. You can't get through summer without one. Or three.

One more thing. My man Johnny Karim, who directed/edited/filmed our 'Melbourne City' video, has also finished up his edit of our 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' launch show at Playground @ Seven back in March. Check it out!

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks fam! Stay with us, there's too much happening with us right now to not pay attention. It'll change your life. Seriously. Well, sorta. Kinda. Maybe. I dunno.

Scream at ya people!

Cee & Bekah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Melbourne City' video on

What's good my people?

First up, Happy Fathers Day to the dads out thurrr. Hope you're neckin' some brews and lappin' up the pressies while you can. lol.

Secondly, big ups to the homeboy Kevin Nottingham at his This Is Hip Hop blog for shouting out The Movement Fam only a day after releasing the 'Melbourne City' video was released online!

Check out The Movement Fam on, leave a comment and take a peek around the rest of the site - it's brilliant.

Also, keep checking through Kev's site in the coming months for exclusive leaked tracks from both Cee & Bekah and Notion's upcoming mixtapes, as well as interviews and a remix competition for the beatmakers out there.

Gonna be large. Large, I tells ya.


Cee & Bekah.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cee & Bekah - Melbourne City video clip online NOW!

Hey fam,

The video for 'Melbourne City' is online!!!

Directed and edited by the homie John Karim. Hit us with some comments!!

This is our YouTube channel, check back regularly over the next month for our video blogs from our international trip.

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Movement Fam - mixtape covers...

Yes, yes, what the funk is good?

It's Spring! Hell yeah! And we all made it the entire winter without getting sick (touch wood, no homo). Hope y'all are excited coz the sun has been poking it's head out of the clouds recently, so relief from the cold is on the way...

Been a minute, and through mad stress getting these mixtapes done and pressed on time for our overseas trip, organising the tshirts, artwork, PC dramas and deaths in the family, we're still at it and it's all coming together.

We do have some serious news with regard to Cee & Bekah and a major opportunity that has come our way in the last couple of weeks, although we're holding off on dropping the news just yet. For now, we'll say that there's a big chance y'all will be hearing a lot more from Cee & Bekah in the very near future.

The main reason for this post is that we are releasing the artwork for the first two mixtapes to drop from the camp since making it official as The Movement Fam. Notion's long awaited World Domi-NoTiOn mixtape and Cee & Bekah's follow up The Soul Movement Volume 2 have been completed and are currently being pressed in a short run especially for the overseas trip/tour in September and October.

Both covers, along with the Notion logo and Movement Fam logo, have been designed by the homie KidEight outta the UK (click his name to peep his MySpace page with some of his other designs, dude is a beast, no homo).

First up, here's Notion's joint:

Notion - World Domi-NoTiOn

And here's Cee & Bekah's cover:

Cee & Bekah - The Soul Movement Volume 2

We're mad happy with 'em. These two are the special pre-release international editions that we've put together strictly for the folks in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. The Australian crew will get their edition as soon as we get back.

We'll update y'all on the official release dates and locations for download of the mixtapes as soon as it's verified.

Oh and my man Kevin Nottingham at is featuring us in the very near future, doing feature articles, downloading of the mixtapes AND, for y'all budding producers out there, an official remix competition where beatmakers can download 10 acapellas from each mixtape and submit remixes of the songs, and the best of each will be compiled onto a special release mixtape that we'll drop at the end of the comp. Very exciting stuff!!

We leave for the trip in mid September, so there will be more updates for those who wanna listen in to our radio interviews via the net.

Thanks for the love! And watch this space, there's a lot happening with the Fam right now...

Scream at ya people!

Cee & Bekah.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cee & Bekah on The G.O.D. Hour Godcast (San Francisco)!

What's good family?

Aight, as we're preparing for The Movement Fam's (minus Gunny) US/Canada/NZ trip in 5 weeks, our folks over in San Francisco (Oakland/Berkeley to be exact), Citizen and the crew, have just dropped their debut podcast. Their radio show, The G.O.D. Hour based in Oakland, on Liberation 104.1FM has been doing big business and it was about time to get their 'cast on.

The Godcast Vol. 1 features local (Bay area), classic and independent Hip Hop, and they decided to feature our track 'Cuban Sunset' from The Soul Movement Vol. 1.

Y'all can download The Godcast Vol. 1 by clicking on the word, and y'all can peep the tracklisting in the blog post. You can also check out my man Citizen's MySpace page.

Also, while we're here, The Soul Movement Vol. 2 and World Domi-Notion and being finalised this week and will be all pressed by the end of the month. Finally!!! We're also getting some incredibly dope Cee & Bekah tees for the blokes and singlets for the ladies.

We'll keep y'all posted on release dates and if anyone wants to pre-order copies, scream at us.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Movement Fam - July 2008 updates

Damn, it's been a hot hot is all our peoples?

We haven't checked in for a couple months now, shit's been maaaaaad hectic with the Fam for the last couple months. I don't even know where to start lol. Everyone has been working mad hard on their respective projects and various other exciting developments, which I'm finna share with you...right now.

Cee & Bekah

We've been working mad mad hard lately, finalising all the tracks for The Soul Movement Vol 2. It's all sounding really solid, a great progression from Vol. 1. Notion has been engineering his ass off on these joints, making them sound incredible, so we're happy people. We couldn't believe how many songs we'd done - there was a pool of around 45-50 tracks just for Vol 2! So as it seems, Vol 3 is pretty much done, just need to finalise as many tracks as possible to see what will make it, and the rest will be ready for The Movement Fam mixtape series.

The EP is sounding good, but we've been holding off recording for it too much til we get a proper recording booth. No bullshit for this project! Not that the mixtapes have come out bad, we just wanna be extra fresh with the EP. The kid Jase (Obese Records) will be mixing the project so we're excited to work with him. We're currently working with a gang of producers and international guests, which we won't mention just yet as we have no idea how this will all pan out.

We've also been working with a bunch of MC's from around the world - Blest 2 from Greece (see below), GNZ from Brazil, BT from Knoxville, TN, Jermiside from Cincinnati, OH (but relocated to Atlanta, GA) and Arte Y Lenguaje (Colombia). The Soul de la Tierra project is about to kick off, which is Ehiyel (Arte Y Lenguaje) and Cee & Bekah - a combination of Spanish, English, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin and Salsa. Very unique, very interesting. We'll keep you posted on that.

Cee's been working with a bunch of cats from here, including newcomer Spec T, Flam-A-Bull and Purpose, while Bekah is about to head to the ADL to lay down vocals for Purpose's upcoming debut album - which should be amazing.

Oh, and the "Melbourne City" video is on it's way! It won't be long, I'm told...I'll keep you posted.

We've been locked away in the lab for the past couple months so we haven't rocked any shows, and we may not for the next few months until the Vol 2 launch...check The Movement Fam section for the reason...


Ya boy Notion has been on his grizzy! Not only has he been finalising his World Domi-Notion mixtape, he's been mixing and engineering both his project and Cee & Bekah's mixtape. I dunno how he found time to do all that while working nightshift, but he handles his damn biz. Everything is sounding perfect thanks to Notion right now...

Aside from his mixtape about to drop (his first since his debut It's My Turn... in 2006), Notion has been finalising his net-only mixtape On The Corner of Notion & 9th, a collection of all the 9th Wonder beats Notion has rocked over the years, as well as some exclusive joints. He's also preparing for his debut video clip for "Don't You See" (produced by Durban Poison) and been working on his production chops. Oh, and working on his debut album. Damn. He gets busy!

Tommy Gunnz

GUNNZ!!!!!!! Big Gunnz has recently become a fully fledged lawyer - congratulations brother! So aside from keeping those pesky graf writers off our streets (jokes!), Gunnz has been penning classics. Classics, I tells ya. Tommy features on both Cee & Bekah's and Notion's latest projects, but there's much more in the works. Gunnz will feature more predominantly on the upcoming projects from The Movement Fam, and he's slowly working on his debut mixtape Garden State Warrior, of which production will step up significantly very soon. Stay tuned, this dude is the future.

The Movement Fam

Well, the Fam has been busy as a collective. We'll announce now that Cee & Bekah and Notion will be traveling to the US, Canada and New Zealand in September and October this year to rock some shows, appear on College radio, get some studio sessions going and have their photo shoot for the EP and albums. So aside from rushing the two mixtapes out before September, the crew has been mad hectic organising this trip. Everyone is real excited and can't wait to take their music to the good folks in North America and NZ.

Also, The Movement Fam mixtape series won't be far away now, as the output gets higher and higher from the crew, we need an outlet - and this is the best way to do it! We'll keep y'all posted on that. Make sure you check The Movement Fam Myspace page!


Alright. The Fam has been featured on a bunch of new releases from all around Australia and the world in the last few months, so it's time to spread the word...

First up, young MC Flam-A-Bull, hailing from North Vic, has held down Cee & Bekah on multiple occasions. His mixtape The Dawning featured a collab with Cee called "Damage Is Done", a nice lil political joint. Peep the cover below and click on it to get to the kid's MySpace page.

Flam-A-Bull - The Dawning Mixtape

Also, Flam also recently dropped the first in his new mixtape series Oz Hip Hop Part 1, featuring the cream of Oz Hip Hop on one mixtape. Cee & Bekah got some love with our joint "The Charts', one of the most popular bangers from The Soul Movement Vol 1. Click on the cover below to visit the MySpace page.

Flam-A-Bull Presents - Oz Hip Hop Part 1

The homie Blest 2, straight outta Athens, Greece, has been putting in mad work in the competitive Athens Hip Hop scene. We've been working with him a fair bit, as his flow in Greek is comparable to some of the dopest in English (even though I have no idea what the dude is saying lol). We cut a track called "One Day At A Time" over the Non Phixion classic "Say Goodbye To Yesterday", which made it on his latest album Εγχειρίδιο Αναγνώρισης Aγίων (which translates to "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints"). Click on the cover to visit his site and cop the album (beware, it's mostly in Greek so you may need a translator lol).

Blest2 - Εγχειρίδιο Αναγνώρισης Aγίων

Finally, the muthafuckin' kid GMC is FINALLY releasing his debut mixtape, Three Letter Mixtape: Vol G. This has gotta be one of the most anticipated releases out of Australia this year, and Notion and myself got the opportunity to rock a joint with dude for the project. "Vato Freestyle (Change Coming)" is a banger aimed at the so-called 'veterans' of the scene fucking up Hip Hop. If you're in Melbourne, make sure you get down to the launch on Saturday 9th August at Playground @ Seven. Should be fiiiyyyahhhhh! Click on the cover to check out the sexy mufucka's MySpace.

GMC - Three Letter Mixtape: Vol G

Well that was long enough, methinks. Thanks once again for everyone's support, it's much appreciated. Come hit us up at our MySpace and Facebook pages, and we'll have the fresh music from the new mixtapes up really really soon.

Much love people,

Cee & Bekah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally - some live show footage!

What's good?

Aight, finally we're on YouTube!!

Big shouts to our dude Simon Wright (and The Eclective) for putting us on for their opening slot on Sunday 11th May at Evelyn. Gig went real well, even though Cee had a cold and Bekah was feeling terrible.

We've thrown up two 8min snippets from the 40-plus-minute show of us with DJ BTwo, percussionist/drummer Phil, guitarist Johnny, and MC's Notion, Tommy Gunnz, Theory and Simon Wright rockin' a lil acoustic/live interlude.

Part 1

Part 2


Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah interviewed live in Knoxville!!

What's good family?

Come swing by our page to check out our interview on the Edutainment Hip Hop on 90.3FM with BT and Drop Knowledge that went down on Saturday 10th May!!

Big shouts to the guys for the love, and my mans DJ Grain for making it happen!

Shout us with a comment or a message with your thoughts...we international, baby!!!


Make sure you download your FREE copy of our debut mixtape 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' by clicking on the'll take you to our MySpace page, just sign up to the mailing list on the left and you'll get an email with the link! Too easy!

Check out our feature article on


And make sure you add yourselves as fans on our FaceBook music page:

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Cee & Bekah's The Soul Movement Vol.1!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ Loft!

What's good fam?

We have some more good news on the gig front - we'll be playing a hot club spot on Friday 23rd May 2008 at DysFUNKtional @ The Loft!

We'll have a smokin' set of club bangers to keep you dancin', with DJ BTwo (DMC Champ) and The Movement Fam guests Notion and Tommy Gunnz. Click on the flyer below to head to our MySpace page to check out more info:

Cee & Bekah LIVE @ Loft!

Hit us up at for guest list entry!!

See y'all there!

Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah supporting Simon Wright & The Eclective!!

Hey our peoples,

What's good? Aight, a lot of folks have been asking us about the next gig - and May is lining up to be a big month!

First up, we have the first major spot since our launch. We were lucky enough to meet up with Simon Wright, who fronts a band by the name of Simon Wright and the Eclective. They're a dope combination of Hip Hop, funk, groove and soul, and they kindly invited us to support their huge set at the Evelyn (351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) on Sunday 11th May 2008!

Cee & Bekah supporting Simon Wright & The Eclective!

It's only $10 at the door - bargain!! We'll be playing mainly new stuff of The Soul Movement Vol. 2 - all the jams you won't hear at our club gigs! We'll have our man Johnny on guitar, The Movement Fam of course (Notion and Tommy Gunnz), as well as the homie Theory and DMC Champ DJ BTwo on the decks. Should be a phat set, we'll be on for an hour from 9pm so please come down!!! If this goes well, we'll be able to play on more similar gigs to this one, which is the direction we are taking our music.

See y'all there!

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah article on!

What is good family??!!!

It's been a hot minute but we've been on our grizzy and making some moves is the first of a number of updates!

Aight, big shouts to the kid Steve Duck @ GroundUp Hip for linking us with the article. Check it out below (click on the pic to head over there):

Cee & Bekah on Ground Up

Steve also wrote our article for Inpress recently, this is the verbatim interview so check it out and holla at us!!!

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cee & Bekah on College Radio in the USA!

Hey fam,

What's poppin'? Hella updates right now, so much happening!

Aight, we've been working closely with my man Brandon aka DJ Grain, who's based in Atlanta, Georgia but works with his peoples BT and Drop Knowledge on the Edutainment Hip Hop Show, which runs on WUTK 90.3FM in Knoxville, Tennessee. It's the official radio station of the University of Tennessee, and these guys run their show every Saturday night from 9pm - midnight (Knoxville time). You can listen in via the internet on their website, and you can also get more info on their MySpace.

This Saturday 22nd March 2008, the boys played 'Dreams' from 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' on the show, and have been shouting us out and supporting The Movement Fam over the last month or so. Very soon we'll be interviewed live on air, so we'll keep y'all posted on that and when you can listen in (usually Sunday afternoon, Australian time).

Big shouts to Grain, BT and Drop for all their unwavering support of our music, and lookout for their group 2nd String and more coming outta the Edutainment Hip Hop Show.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.
Hey fam,

What's good? Big shouts to my man Kevin Nottingham, who has featured us on his blog (click on the pic to check out the article):

Cee & Bekah on Kevin Nottingham

Kevin is based out of Miami, Florida in the US and is a respected journalist and member of the Hip Hop community. Make sure you roll through his blog for all the latest info on Hip Hop, around the world.

Also, big shouts to my man Sean Deez and Remot (winner of Hip Hop DX's 'American Gangster' remix competition), who was recently featured on Kevin's blog. We've been working with Remot for upcoming projects, so keep an eye out for that. Check out his MySpace.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah on!

What's good fam?

Got a few updates for ya...first up, the good folks over at have enlisted us there and you can legally purchase the mixtape (or selected songs) and support your local talent! Click on the banner below for more info:

Cee & Bekah on Sound Foundation

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' launch recap...

What's good family?

Thanks you to EVERYONE who came through and supported us at the official launch for 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' on Saturday at Playground @ Seven! The night was amazing. The crowd was HUGE! Never seen the club so packed, which was amazing. The love was prolly the most we've ever received at a show in Melbourne, so thank you!

We have a few shout outs, too. Peter from Playground, thank you for putting us on and giving us the opportunity, you're a legend and we appreciate it! Will aka DJ Dysekt - you came through in the last minute for us, and you killed it. Looking forward to many more gigs, my man. John and Monica and the camera ladies - thank you so much for coming through and getting drunk with us and filming everything. We owe you! Notion and Tommy Gunnz - y'all killed it as usual, it's nothin' to us! Steve Duck, for the dope article in Inpress last week (make sure y'all check out for the article this week). And of course, to all our friends, family and homies who came through to support, show love and get shitfaced with us - we love youse! Check out our Facebook pages and the MySpace for flicks.

Make sure you download the mixtape if you haven't already (from the MySpace page - links to your right). We're now trying to get a bunch more shows in Melbourne and we have a few potential interstate gigs next month, so we'll keep you posted.

We'll be hitting y'all with some exclusive tracks from 'The Soul Movement Vol. 2' very very soon, and the EP is already 4 tracks deep. Also, the video for the show and 'Melbourne City' will be edited and produced by John Karim and up on the net in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those!

Much love, thanks again for all the support, holla at us!!

Cee & Bekah.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cee & Bekah - article!

Hey fam,

Check out our feature article on
Cee & Bekah article

Also, the launch for 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' is next Sat 1st March - don't forget to holla at us for guest list! $12 or $17 with a mixtape!

And make sure you add yourselves as fans on our music page:
Cee & Bekah Facebook Music Page

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' launch baby!

What up family?

Melbourne City stand up! The launch is finally here!

We'll be officially launching 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1' mixtape on Saturday 1st March at Playground @ Seven, MEL's hottest R&B night! DJ Simon Sez (Justice & Kaos) will be behind the decks, and special guests Notion and Tommy Gunnz will be rollin' through to show some love!

The address is 52 Albert Rd, South Melbourne, and y'all can holla at us for guestlist. Only $12 for list, and $17 if you want your own copy of the mixtape!

Also, while you're here, why don't you head to the MySpace (click on the banner below) download "The Soul Movement Vol. 1" mixtape?

Thanks for the support, and we'll see y'all at the launch!

Much love,
Cee & Bekah.


Cee & Bekah LIVE!

FREE DOWNLOAD of Cee & Bekah's The Soul Movement Vol.1!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Movement fam update Jan 2008

What’s good family?

Welcome to the first update from The Movement for 2008!

A lot of things have been poppin’ off, so it was about time we gave y’all the info!

Cee & Bekah
So, we’ve been mad busy promoting The Soul Movement Vol. 1. We’ve received an amazing response thus far, thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy or downloaded it. For those who haven’t copped it yet, hit us up at or message us at the MySpace ( and we can get one out to you.

We’re about to go on a massive download push, and here are the three places you can cop it from:

1 - jump on our MySpace, go down the left side of the page, sign up to the mailing list and you’ll receive an email with the download link.
2 – hit up GroundUp and download that baby!
3 – go scream at the Planet Urban fam for your copy!

Work on The Soul Movement Vol. 2 is going very well, we’ve now recorded about 20+ songs for it, with many more to come before deciding on the final tracklisting. It’s looking like a much more mature sound than Volume 1, with a bit of a political slant and a variety of guests from all over the world, and original production from Whisper, Styalz Fuego, Revelino and more. For an exclusive listen to one of the hottest tracks from the new mixtape thus far, “Feel Your Touch”, check out the Facebook music page at The EP is now about 3 tracks deep, with about 4 or 5 beats locked in. We’ll keep y’all posted on that.

We’ve pretty much locked in our official Melbourne launch for The Soul Movement Vol. 1, but we’ll keep y’all posted for when it’s confirmed. And our good friend R&B Girl recently interviewed us for a feature article on, which you’ll be seeing in the next week or so. Thanks Vicki!!

You can also check us out at:
Triple J Unearthed:
Facebook Group:
Facebook Music Page:
Global Band Guide:

The Movement Fam
Notion – Notion has been steady working on his new mixtape, World Domi-Notion and it’s sounding phat! We did some recording for it recently and the collabo’s are dopeness. He’s got some great features, great beats and more mature material. Before dropping World Domi-Notion, he’ll be releasing an internet-only mixtape entitled On The Corner Of Notion & 9th, a compilation of all of Notion’s tracks over 9th Wonder beats. This will be a teaser for the mixtape…and Notion has just headed off to Thailand for a bit of a break, so if he arrives back without a venereal disease, he’ll be back in action very soon…

Tommy Gunnz – Big Gunnz has been hard in the lab working on his debut mixtape Garden State Warrior, and is a few songs deep. So far, it’s sounding dope, he’s still finding his sound but the signs are great. Gunnz has also been rockin’ various shows around Melbourne (and the occasional regional joint) with Angus Younga and Ascertain, keepin’ his name in the scene.

Okwerdz – Cali’s MC Okwerdz has recently topped more than 25,000 downloads of his free EP The Rush Hour EP, which features Bekah and DJ JS1 (Rahzel’s DJ) on the first track, First Strike. An amazing achievement, props for the hustle homeboy! To see what all the fuss is about, check out

DJ Krisp – Our homie, Adelaide’s DJ Krisp has released a dope live DJ mix, featuring J Castell on mic duties. It’s your guaranteed summer banger! Get it free @

360 – Melbourne heads would have noticed frontpage coverage of ‘Hip Hop group 360’ on the MX newspaper for Six Dog’s Mamma Mia video, which caused a fair bit of controversy during the Oz Open. Props to 360 and Soulmate Records for making some waves! Check out the video at

Aight y’all, thanks for baring with me here. The support has been amazing, much love to you all. Keep checking all our pages (lol!), we’ll be hitting y’all with more updates soon.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.