Monday, September 22, 2008

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Week 1 UPDATE! Oh and NEW MIXTAPES OUT NOW!

What is good my people?

Well, we've been in the US for around a week now and I gotta say, we're freakin' loving it. So far, we've managed to hit up San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle and Atlanta, and the folks here have been nothing less than hospitable, welcoming and hilarious.

It's been about 4 years since Bekah and I have been in the US and it's not a hell of a lot different to what I remember it to be. The liquor stores are fun as hell, everything's big, not everyone is as ignorant as you would expect and they are most definitely spoiled for choice. After being here only a week, it feels like months. I think that's a good thing. Either way, I have a strong feeling that we may need to relocate to this fine country to really make our music happen. It's just a matter of which city...

I know a lot of y'all have hit us up and tuned into our radio appearances thus far, we appreciate that. We've had so much support from so many people, I really wanna shout out my man DJ Hyphen in Seattle (keep working on them handstand push ups!), my peoples The Understudies Crew out in Oakland/Bay Area (Foss, Cobb, Jeremy, all the crew, and of course Vlad!!), my man Jermiside in ATL (watch out for them raccoons!) and my muthafuckin' homeboy and Movement Fam representative DJ Grain out here in Atlanta, where I'm writing this from. Also, huge shouts to Kevin Nottingham from and Travis Glave from, both cats have shown unwavering support of our music and I can't thank them enough.

Aight, here's a bunch of links from the last week or so since both The Soul Movement Volume 2 and World Domi-NoTiOn have been released:

Cee, Bekah and Notion's appearance on DJ Hyphen and J. Moore's Sunday Sound Sessions in Seattle

Cee & Bekah's download on The Audacity of Dope blog

Notion's download on The Audacity of Dope blog

The Movement Fam article on Kevin

World Domi-NoTiOn download link on Kevin

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download link on Kevin Nottingham

Cee & Bekah article and download on Wake Your Daughter Up! blog

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download -

World Domi-NoTiOn download -

The Soul Movement Volume 2 download -

World Domi-NoTiOn download -

Also, in conjunction with, we're running a remix competition for ALL producers out there! Check out the link below, download the mixtapes and acapellas, and submit your remixes - the best of which will go on an official combined mixtape release, getting you MAJOR exposure around the world, plus we definitely hope to network and link with many of the folks who submit remixes. We're really excited about this, so let's get it going!

The Movement Fam Remix competition

Thanks again for everyone's support, much love, blessings, all of that good stuff. Hit us up with comments, thoughts, porn, anything.

We'll keep y'all updated on the happs here, plus we'll have video blogs from the trip up real soon on our Movement Fam YouTube Channel.

Stay real.

Cee & Bekah.


Kevin said...

Glad to hear you all are having a great time in the U.S.! Wish we could hook up. If you do think about moving out here, don't rule out Miami.. one of the most cultural cities in the U.S.!

Cats are already excited about the remix contest... I think it's gonna turn out nice. I'll talk to you all soon!

Hyphen said...

Good stuff y'all...enjoy the rest of the trip and stay safe!

ps: knocked out 50 handstand pushups this evening as a matter of fact hahaha

Cee and Bekah said...

Thanks guys!!! Both your support is extremely appreciated.

Sucks we couldn't link, Kev. 100% next time. Already got hit up a few times from producers saying they're feeling the stuff, which is great.

LOL @ Hyph's 50 handstand push ups! Gyeah!!! Killing it man...