Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Weeks 2-3 UPDATE!

Yes yes yes yes! What the funk is crackalackin'??

My apologies for the late update from the past couple weeks, we've had intermittent net access, and to be honest, we've just been too busy and having too good of a time. But I'm actually sitting in the room in Toronto on a Saturday night, a cold ass Saturday mind you, with the Nuit Blanche festival going on outside and instead of joining the festivities, I'm blogging. That either makes me an extremely dedicated young man or a right goose.

Anyway, since we were in ATL, a lotta thangs have been happening. Atlanta was amazing, we had such a great time, and straight after the laid back south was the hectic New York city. Aside from the turbulence on the small ass plane, everything with beautiful touching down at JFK. We had been graced with amazing weather the whole time but all that came to an abrupt halt when the east coast turned the waterworks on for us the entire time. Word to rain.

So the first night in NYC was straight to the hostel, then off to Libation for the last night in a series of club evening ran by Danny Castro of Lyricist Lounge fame. Our very good friend Eternia (what up Silky?? Click on her name to check out her site) hooked us up VIP to see DJ Tony Touch do his thang, and other cats such as Ju Ju from the Beatnuts and Sway were in the building. Aside from the tourist attractions, we had a couple important meetings with some label and radio folks out there which will hopefully grow into a very mutually beneficial relationships. Loved it, and would love to live there...even after my ATL rant.

Next up was T-DOT!!! Our second home. It's beautiful to be back here, seriously. No other city thus far has excited me to be in as much as Toronto. We missed this place so damn much, I truly think this is where we need to be. The love that has been extended here (mostly through Eternia's wonderful friends) is mindblowing. We've already done two major radio spots, dished out mixtapes to influential folks, had a couple great meetings, caught up with friends, done semi nudie runs down Queen St at 2am...still got photo shoots and studio sessions to come. Massive shouts to Great Scott and DJ O-Nonymos from Sound Junction, Theo 3 and DJ Serious from Styalistik Endeavours, Big Jacks, Dave, DJ Grouch and please do yourselves a favour and check out Big It Up, a Canadian owned hat company which has the most amazing headgear I have ever seen. Dameion (CEO/President) is one of the most sincere and spiritual people we have had the pleasure of meeting, and The Movement Fam will be continuing strong supporters of Big It Up.

Also, check out Notion's article on WYDU blog, massive shouts to Trav. Producers, keep it moving on the remix competition on, we've had a fair few submissions thus far and it's all sounding pretty damn dope. Exciting shit.

That's about it for now. We'll be in Los Angeles by the end of the week, then off to Auckland, New Zealand before returning to MEL.

Scream at ya peoples, thanks again for all your support, we got a lot in store for 2008/2009 so it can't stop, won't stop, fuck stopping.

Cee & Bekah.

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