Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Movement Fam US Invasion - Weeks 4-5 UPDATE! We home!

Yes yes...it's update time again. Weekly updates were damn near impossible as we were moving around, so fortnightly it is.

Aight so after the last update, we left y'all in Toronto. Things went real well in the T-Dot, with another radio spot, studio sessions with Miss Jessica Kaya (what up, Jessie?) and a lot of sightseeing (Niagara Falls, CN Tower, etc). The photo shoot unfortunately didn't come through due to time constraints, but now that we have the contacts, we'll most def hit it up next time.

The last night in TO was amazing. My man Craig and Ally decided to get all stupid and cop some wigs and ridiculous outfits for our last night on the town, so all of us were looking amazingingly stupid and had a wicked night. Shout outs to the dancing man at Mod Club. You're a genius, bro.

So our last stop in North America was LA. Last time Bekah and I hit the town up, we didn't really enjoy ourselves. This time was a different story. We hired ourselves a lil Chevy Impala to take us around town, and being such a huge place, we would have been fucked without it. We had some meetings with Wayne Fernandez, the man who ran the WKD radio spot in Melbourne that I grew up listening to, so to dine with Wayne and his mate Rod was a blessing, thanks guys! We also linked with my man Tunji from Inverse, who hooked us up plenty at the Interscope promo room, and cooked a mean BBQ out at his girl's crib in Venice. Shouts to the Sour Diesel, which left us fully operational the next day lol.

It was hella sad leaving North America, but New Zealand was calling. After a long ass flight, we soldiered on and stayed up all day for our radio spot that night with DJ Penfold, which went really well. We also linked with my man Kebrasca from Mai FM, which should be a great relationship for both of us. We got some time to take in the sights of Auckland, it's a beautiful city, and we wish we could have been able to stay a bit longer. Much love to Mat and Debz for taking us everywhere, and shouts to Lish, Bronson, Cilla and Donna!

So a couple days back we arrived back home in Melbourne to 30 degree weather! Fuckin' booooooom!! Of course, that didn't last but we're happy to be home and have a shitload of work to do.

Just a reminder, producers, keep submitting remixes for our competition on www.kevinnottingham.com, there's still just under 2 months left to go. We'll have a couple projects good to go in the next few months, as well a Movement Fam blog on a well known Hip Hop site, which we'll be releasing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

The Movement Fam and Notion blog pages are almost good to go, so we'll be launching those very shortly, and the Cee & Bekah blog will become more specific to us and more personal, as with Notion's blog, while the Movement Fam blog (ran by DJ Grain) will contain all the news and goings on for the crew.

Much love to everyone, and keep checking our YouTube channel for the video blogs from the trip, coming soon!!

Cee & Bekah.

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