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This is the blog that will handle all the Fam biz, as well as just some cool ass shit that we stumble upon in our travels. and will now become personal blogs for Cee & Bekah and Notion respectively, so keep checking by!!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Cee & Bekah bio!

What's good peoples?

Aight, so it's about time I got off my ass to update the damn Cee & Bekah bio.

Nuff said. Here 'tis.

There is no precedent to this. Soul. Hip Hop. Rhythm and Blues. One vocalist. One MC. Welcome to Cee & Bekah.

After their debut mixtape, The Soul Movement Volume 1, smashed the scene in 2007, Cee & Bekah have barely stopped to breathe. And it could never be said that these captivating artists don’t move with the times; their grasp of the internet and digital marketing has assisted them in spreading the word about their music in ways which most artists don’t invest the time to create. Capitalising on a strong online buzz from their MySpace page and downloads of the mixtape, the duo never paused on making music, banging out close to 50 songs to select from for their latest release, The Soul Movement Volume 2. With a gang of shows under their belt in 2007 and 2008, the musical and life partners have been concurrently working on their debut EP, The Precedent, and the as yet untitled album. Their buzz and constant networking has attracted solid production from some well-known beatsmiths, and features from a gang of artists on all corners of the globe.

Alongside the newly formed The Movement Fam crew (Cee & Bekah, Notion, Tommy Gunnz and DJ Grain), Cee & Bekah have concreted their strong identity and etched their mark in the minds of the people with their unique blend of Hip Hop and Soul. Volume 2 is more mature, political and romantic than its predecessor, and it signifies the musical direction in which they will continue. Even Australia’s only platinum DJ, DJ Nino Brown, stepped in to blend The Soul Movement Volume 2 as he could see the power of the Movement.

Cee & Bekah have a worldwide mentality; working with artists from all around the planet, from Greece to Colombia, Brazil to the UK, Canada to the USA, New Zealand to Germany, both for Volume 2, and the forthcoming projects Volume 3, EP and album. The duo, along with Notion, recently took themselves on a self-funded networking and radio tour of the USA, Canada and New Zealand to promote The Soul Movement Volume 2 and Notion’s World Domi-NoTiOn mixtapes, appearing on seven radio shows in three countries, while recording, collaborating and building with artists, producers, DJ’s, promoters, business-folk, labels and the locals.

And while Australia will always be home, it seems the rest of the world is catching on – quickly. Kanye West’s first cousin, Tony Williams, even personally invited them to create a remix of his debut single ‘Dreaming Of Your Love’, a major sign that big things are on the way. Some major blogs have shown unprecedented support for The Movement Fam, with Kevin Nottingham’s blog even arranging a full remix competition for The Soul Movement Volume 2 and World Domi-NoTiOn, with the sheer number of submissions blowing these artists away. Even though Cee & Bekah’s brand of ‘Soul Hop’, their very own niche genre, is still in its infancy, folks from all corners of the globe want in. It’s official. The Movement is here.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.