Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bekah on Okwerdz (USA) The Rush Hour EP!

Hey people,

How is everyone? Hope you all had a great Christmas and are finna rock it on New Years! We've been taking some time to chill and plan ahead for a massive 2008, so it's all gravy with us.

But we have some good news - Bekah recently collaborated with battle MC Okwerdz, from California, USA, on his latest project The Rush Hour EP. The EP has a kung fu movie theme, with every beat being constructed entirely from samples from various kung fu movie tunes, and it's a banger. "First Strike" features Bekah on vocals and DJ JS1 (Rahzel's DJ) on cuts, with Okweezy rippin' up the double time verses.

The EP can be downloaded free by hitting up This is a great move for Bekah, and the first of many international collabs.

We've also been working with a Colombian MC by the name of Ehiyel (from the group Arte Y Lenguaje) ( with two songs on his upcoming third album, and Ehiyel also is jumping on a track for The Soul Movement Vol. 2. This could lead to some bigger things in South America, so we'll keep y'all posted.

Also, if you haven't downloaded (or screamed at us for a copy) of The Soul Movement Vol. 1, make sure you get at us or hit up the MySpace (sign up to the mailing list) for your copy!!

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Okwerdz - The Rush Hour EP

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Soul Movement Vol. 1 on eBay!!

Damn, we been sending crazy messages lately, eh? Shit's just poppin' off!! And we love it!!

For those who haven't already copped their very own copy of 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1''s your chance!!

We've thrown it up on eBay for your can just cop it for $10, or try you luck and bid!

The Soul Movement Vol. 1 on eBay!

Check it out!

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

Cee & Bekah on FRESH FM 92.7 TONIGHT! Adelaide stand up!

What up everyone?

To all our Adelaide fam, tune in from 8pm (Adelaide time) to our girl Lisa D on Freakin' It, tonight on Fresh FM 92.7...she'll be playing the exclusive full length version of 'Cuban Sunset' from our debut mixtape 'The Soul Movement Vol. 1'!!

If you're not in ADL, don't stress - y'all can listen in on

Much love to Lisa for holdin' us down! And make sure you tune in every Tuesday at 8pm to check out Lisa on Freakin' It.


Cee & Bekah.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Soul Movement Vol. 1 reviewed on!

Scar non family?

Love for The Soul Movement Vol. 1 is picking up!

The crew out at showed some and recently put up their review of the mixtape...check the review!

Peace to the kid Marc Scalercio for holding us down.

We'll keep y'all posted with more press as it comes to hand.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.

GrooveOn review of The Soul Movement Vol. 1