Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cee & Bekah on The G.O.D. Hour Godcast (San Francisco)!

What's good family?

Aight, as we're preparing for The Movement Fam's (minus Gunny) US/Canada/NZ trip in 5 weeks, our folks over in San Francisco (Oakland/Berkeley to be exact), Citizen and the crew, have just dropped their debut podcast. Their radio show, The G.O.D. Hour based in Oakland, on Liberation 104.1FM has been doing big business and it was about time to get their 'cast on.

The Godcast Vol. 1 features local (Bay area), classic and independent Hip Hop, and they decided to feature our track 'Cuban Sunset' from The Soul Movement Vol. 1.

Y'all can download The Godcast Vol. 1 by clicking on the word, and y'all can peep the tracklisting in the blog post. You can also check out my man Citizen's MySpace page.

Also, while we're here, The Soul Movement Vol. 2 and World Domi-Notion and being finalised this week and will be all pressed by the end of the month. Finally!!! We're also getting some incredibly dope Cee & Bekah tees for the blokes and singlets for the ladies.

We'll keep y'all posted on release dates and if anyone wants to pre-order copies, scream at us.

Much love,

Cee & Bekah.